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Rick Ackerly: Learning from Mistakes

On Thursday, May 3, Willowwind School had the pleasure of bringing speaker, educator and author , Rick Ackerly, to speak on “Learning, Mistakes and Failure: Crafting New Myths for Successful Kids and Better Schools.” His lecture was part of the 40th anniversary celebration at Willowwind.

His talk at to the community at Willowwind School focused on what he termed unrecognized learning disabilities – the avoidance of conflict, fear of failure/avoidance of mistakes, the pursuit of happiness, and the inability to let go of Self.  He talked about how each of these disrupts the learning process and inhibits student’s growth. The audience was challenged to create homes and school where students could say, “I am excited to learn from my mistakes.” The audience engaged in a dialogue with Rick and he left with three mantras: embrace all challenges, be New and learn from each other.

About Willowwind: For four decades, Willowwind’s mission has been to create an environment where children can thrive through exploration, inquiry and discovery. We believe that children are our community’s richest resource and that our homes and schools should be places where children are able to grow, learn and thrive. To this end, we are interested in a deep engaging dialogue about how to understand children. Rick Ackerly’s book, The Genius in Children. spurs this conversation as did his lecture last night.

Write up provided by Carly Andrews, Head of School for Willowwind.

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