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Hack to School Coming to Des Moines!

Our friends at Dwolla and StartupCity have announced a cool initiative to pair student and teachers with programmers to create cool things that help transform the learning experience for kids! Working together hand-in-hand for 36 hours, teams are challenged to create a minimum viable product that solves or improves a basic function of education.

June 1st + June 2nd, 2013 • Des Moines, IA

Hosted by Dwolla • StartupCity, DSM


What is Hack to School?

On June 1st and 2nd we’re bringing together developers and educators to solve problems faced in classrooms everyday.


1st: A Call for Challenges
Teachers and students are letting us know where they are struggling. They are calling our attention to the problems they face everyday in the classroom.

2nd: Pairing Problems with Solutions
We are figuring out where and why students lose interest, and using the minds of developers to create an interactive presence to engage the next generation.

3rd: Build
And finally — we build. Creating a tool for teachers to use in the classroom, and to catch the interest of students. We are aiming to captivate the younger minds, and re-spark their interest in subjects they once thought were irrelevant

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