The Back-to-School Project

Des Moines Area Joins “Back-to-School” Project!

The “Back-to-School Project” (formerly known as the Billy Madison Project) has reached Des Moines! After the initial success and popularity of the project here in the Creative Corridor we got a call from Andrew Rasmussen, President of the Des Moines Education Association, and visited briefly with Mike Draper, entrepreneur owner of Raygun, who were both interested in getting such a project going in the Des Moines area.  We are thrilled here at IowaTransformED to have them join in this effort! They launched their first “class” on May 2nd. We are all sharing the same protocol in order to maintain a consistent debriefing process and set of notes. The report from the class is here.

The notion behind the “Back-to-School Project” is a simple one: the best way to gain a deeper understanding of what school is and what is working and what is not is to actually spend time in one as a student and then compare the experience with what is needed in the daily life of a successful adult. A community can then engage the participants in deeper conversations and to help the community cut through the rhetoric to envision, construct, and support transformative school change.

The Des Moines Register picked up the Des Moines effort and the article is here.

If you are in the DM area and want to take part in this project, you can contact Andrew Rasmussen at and follow him on Twitter @razzpunk

To register in the Creative Corridor region, click here to sign up for Fall 2013 classes! (If you can’t access Google accounts, you can email to sign up.

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