Iowa TransformED is a part of the Cedar Rapids Gazette Companies. Our mission is to highlight and support the transformative work happening in the Creative Corridor’s education sector.

Choice is central to education. Students, parents, teachers, and administrators need to feel that they can choose from more than one valid path in their effort to create competent and creative citizens.

The only way these transformations can happen is through a galvanized and interested community in and outside the school walls. IowaTransformEd strives to build community by engaging in serious conversations and highlighting the actions of teachers, kids, schools, and communities bravely forging a better educational future for our kids.

We’re always looking to support and write about events that are transforming education in our area and are always open to your contributions. Drop us a line if you think we should be at your event!

The ITE Team:

Team Lead – Shawn Cornally – shawn.cornally@sourcemedia.net

Reporting Intern – Carly McClary – carly.mcclary@thegazettecompany.com

Alumnus – Trace Pickering – tpickering@cr.k12.ia.us

Alumni – Amanda Styron – amanda@seedherestuido.com

Current Projects:

The Big Ideas Group: A partnership with the Cedar Rapids Community School Distirct, BIG is now an elective option for students looking to take on an interdisciplinary project in order to help grow their resume!

Back to School Project: Sign-up to participate! We’re sending folks back to school to live a day as a student in order to help design the next iteration of school. Last year we sent nearly 50 people back to school!

Bacon-Wrapped Lessons: A workshop we designed to provide teachers with what they 

want most: a 2-day lesson-design crucible. No keynotes, no breakouts, no gurus, just common planning with killer instructional coaches.

Iowa Teacher Database: Every teacher in Iowa, listed by content, school, passion, prep…

Community-Based Journalism: ITE’s final charge is to help create stories and news that better tells the narrative of the community. We know that there’s way more going on than board meetings, hirings, and firings — Let us know what’s up!

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